Citest Urine Analyzer (Medium Speed)

Urine Analyzer is a semi-quantitative assessment of urine by using dry chemical methods. According to the principle of photoelectric colorimetry, urine analyzer is used to evaluate the content of biochemical components in the urine through the change of color caused by the reaction of the reagent and urine biochemical components. Urine Analyzer reads Urinalysis Reagent Strips. It stores results and prints reports without the need of special training.


●ACR (Albumin / Creatinine Ratio) Available! 

● Built-in Thermal Printer for Instant Printing

● Comprehensive Range of Test Menu

●Easy Operations for High-efficiency

●Testing Up to 14 Parameters in One Go

●LIS / HIS Compatibility for Better Patient Care


Product features Parameters
PrinciplePhotoelectric Colorimetry
FormatUrine Analyzer
Reading Time1 minute
Pack1 Unit
Storage Temperature-10-40℃
Shelf Life5 Years

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Specimen Pack
AUR-300 Citest Uine Analyze (Medium Speed) Uine 1 Unit