Hemoglobin (Hb) Test Meter

The Hemoglobin (Hb) Test Meter works with certain reagents strips manufactured by Citest for the quantitative detection. It’s for in vitro diagnostic professional use only. It may be used in emergency departments, clinical departments or medical services (such as community health centers), etc.


Methodology:Reflectance Photometer
Test Time:<15 seconds
Measurement Range:4.5~25.6g/dL,45~256 g/L, 0.03-0.16 mmol/L
Specimen:Whole Blood
Specimen Volume:10 pL
Power Source:3 AAA batteries
Battery Life:360 hours or 2700 tests
Units of Measure:g/dU g/L, mmol/L
Memory:1000 records
Automatic Shut Off:6 minutes after last action
Meter Dimension:120mm*71mm*26mm
Display Size:47*41mm
Weight (without Batteries):83g (Approx.)
Storage and Transport Condition:-10-50 °CZ RH<90%, 86-106kPa
Working Condition:10-40 °C z RH<80%z 86-106kPa
Meter Connectors:USB cable for Data Transfer or Power (Optional)


Product features Parameters
SpecimenWole Blood
Reading Time<15 seconds
Storage Temperature -10 - 50℃
Shelf Life5 Years

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